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League Updates

All weekly updates for league will be found here and Important information regarding league. If you have any questions please reach out to League Director. 


Todas las actualizaciones semanales de la liga se encontrarán aquí e información importante sobre la liga. Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con el director de la liga.


Red Cards / Rojas

Week 1 update

Edgar Martinez (Inter) - Suspended for 1 game

Tristan Stevenson (BLFC Alpipa) - Suspended for 1 game

Week 2 Update 4/11 - We will return player card to team manager when fine is paid.

Vicente Fierros (Mash FC)- Suspended 1 game and fine $25

David Escobar (Mean Machine) suspended 1 game fine $25



NO YELLING or INSULTING THE REFEREES. Respect the call and the referees at all times. We have encourage the referees to give yellow cards for any insults or mis behaving. NO FIGHTING TOLERATED and keep the game clean.  

Very important every team understands that time wasting is not tolerated when your team has the lead. The games are short and we want everyone to get every minute possible. 

- 4 second rule is being applied for a reason. We expect the player to jog to get the ball and as soon as you get to the line/ court the countdown will start. 


FINES /Multas

Red Cards- Fine $25 (cannot play until fine is paid)


Red Card for Insulting Ref - Fine $50 and suspended for 2 games. Cannot play until fine is paid. 

We will not tolerate this sort of behavior 

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