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Thanksgiving Clinic
November 21-22


Boys and Girls

Ages 3-5 9am-10:30pm
Ages 6-7 9am-12pm
Ages 8-13 9am-12:00pm

Cost: $100


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Winter Camp TBD 

Boys and GirlsAges 3-5 9am-10:30pmAges 6-7 9am-12pmAges 8-14 9am-12:00pm


  • More touches on the ball

  • Better foot skills

  • More movement without the ball

  • Quick decisions

  • Technical speed of play

  • High-scoring games

  • Constant excitement


Futsal training is youth soccer players development

  • Ball retention – possession is key in Futsal. Players need to be able to keep the ball using good technique and movement

  • Quick play – the small playing area forces quick play. This again requires good technique and movement

  • Passing – Futsal develops quick, accurate passing – no margin for error

  • Skillful play – Futsal encourages skillful play, either to retain possession or to create a shooting opportunity

  • Confined spaces – everything happens much quicker and there is less margin for error

  • Tactical awareness – futsal is a "whole-team" game. Each player needs to be aware of their own responsibilities

  • Skill acquisition – the increased number of touches on the ball accelerates the learning process

  • Movements – with and without the ball increase significantly in Futsal

The Camps and Clinics are focused around developing your child’s futsal and soccer skills while having fun. These are are half day camps and are taught by our top level coaches with professional experience. The goal for our coaches is to provide as much information as a player is willing to learn and make sure that it is done in a fun and age-appropriate environment. We hope for players to develop a love for the sport, which will ultimately be the key factor for development.

Thank you for your support of Joga Futsal SB!

Refund Policy:  


Due to so many fixed costs for our program (facilities, insurance, equipment, gear, coaches contracts, etc.)  We have a strict NO REFUND policy 1 week prior to camp ,  We will be happy to credit you towards one of our futureprograms.